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PediStat offers a personal approach to Urgent Care. Our highly qualified staff will walk you through your visit, focusing on your child's needs. Below is a rundown of a typical visit that is quick and effective, so you and your child can hop in and hop out.

Just Walk In

No appointment is necessary. Just walk in and you will be greeted with a smile From our receptionist and surrounded by giant stuffed animals, games and Play places.


PediStat office check-in is a quick process. You will be asked about payment and/or your healthcare information. We accept SoonerCare, most major health insurances and self-pay patients.


A nurse will gather information about your child’s medical needs as well as measuring vitals and looking at health history. This is also, a great opportunity for our staff to help your child relax and become comfortable at PediStat.

Meet the Doctor

The medical information provided by triage will be reviewed by one of our physicians. Addition question may be asked. Services will be provided to diagnose and treat your child’s needs.

Before You Leave

After seeing the doctor, one of our staff will discuss the diagnosis, answer questions and/or talk with you about any prescribed medications or instructions given by the physician. Check out is fast and easy. You will be hopping out before you know it!